Monday, January 28, 2013

Sales girl

In November I started selling advertising. I've never sold anything it my life. But I had a little confidence, belief in the product I'm selling (I've worked in various capacities for the company since 2006) and the desire to do it. It's been an interesting few months. Worry, doubt, anxiety pretty much sum up at least a little major part of my workday.

But today I made a break-through. I grew a pair. A pair of balls. I really stepped out of my comfort zone. And it felt right. I felt like I got more done today than the rest of January combined.

I recently told a co-worker that I've never had a job that makes me want to jump up and down and crawl in a hole and die ALL AT THE SAME TIME! But I truly love it, and I'm excited for what new challenges I'll over come this year.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First blog of the year

22 days into 2013 I decided to finally write something on my blog.

I almost made a New Year's resolution to blog every day....but I'm a realist, and no way I hell I was settin' myself up for that failure.

BUT I did want to get the courage to share my lil' baby blog this year. With someone other than my husband and one friend follower. And that's a big deal to me. It's scary to me. I have 119 unpublished blog posts people! And that's just because I'm afraid of who might see them out there on the big bad "innernet" (last part said with hillbilly accent ease). Dumb I know, and I need to get over it. So the point is, that I was avoiding said baby* blog because I'd have to talk myself I to sharing.

*baby like little, not like an actual all-about-baby blog. But some days it could be, bc I have a baby you know.

There's a lot on my mind already this year. And even more on my heart.

As a mother of three one of my biggest fears is that my kids will grow up and not like each other. I'm an only child, and my husband has a worthless sister. So I feel like I have virtually no concept of sibling dynamics except what I observe. When I see siblings, I think "I want my kids to be like them when they grow up" not like them personally, but as their sibling-hood. So I thank my Facebook friends who post family pics with siblings. I pick and choose pieces of all of your relationships (or what they look like) to hope for my kids, but ultimately I just want them to not hate each other, and to only be crazy in a good way, not a Nick's sister type of way. I want them to be close, not in a weird cliquy way like the Johnson's,