A few things

The summer has been crazy so far. Crazy in a good way. The kids are really busy or the kids are really bored.

They spent a couple weeks at day camp at Ellenberger Park. They didn't like at first, which made me feel bad. But then I remembered they're kids and they don't have to like everything. Everything doesn't have to be good and fun and comfortable. 

Yes, it's hot. Yes, you'll be outside a lot. Yes, kids are going to ask you for your snack money and it will be awkward. Yes, you'll learn the hard way not to feel bad for people and give them all your snack money. Yes, sometimes being the nice kid can be a bad thing. It can make you an easy target. 

But what they have learned at camp is how to stick up for each other. And for me. Amelia was teased for a few different things. And I teared up a little when she told me the way Madeline stood up for her and held her hand and took her to the camp counselor and wiped her tears and hugged her and stayed by her side. Shit I'm crying again. 

And I saw the excitement to see how I would react when one of the kids at camp was making fun of my hair. And I saw their confusion when I told them people can't make "you white people" comments to my kids or they will suffer the wrath of the crazy mother. 

And I've seen them grow up a little, grow closer together and grow away from me a little. And that's ok because they need to do that. 

Also, Peter Pan. They learned some acting and performed Peter Pan. Which, ironically is about never growing up. The opposite of what is happening right now in real life. 


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