Papaw Janet

A few years ago my dad moved to Northwest Indiana. It's about 2.5 hours away, so we never go there and he doesn't get down here as much as he'd like. Plus, he's a workaholic and works about 110 hours a week. Not exaggerating.

Every once in a while he'll surprise us by coming down for 12-14 hours. To see us, the girls and my grandma. My grandma that Claire refers to as "Papaw Janet". She also thinks my dad and Papaw Janet are married. 

Seeing her unable to figure out the who and how of people makes me realize how fast life is going. So fast that it's taking my breath away and even writing this brings on waves of anxiety about the things of today that I'll never remember again. The missed opportunities of love that I passed on. 

But tonight we did get to spend some time with my dad. He enjoyed the girls, bought us dinner and when we stopped for gas he had to buy it, because that's how he takes care of us no matter how old we get, the financial situation we're in or the lack of need that's how he knows to take care of us. 


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